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Ritva Falla Oy was founded in 1979 in Finland and the company’s business idea was to provide design services to other clothing companies. In 2008 designer Ritva Falla decided to design and produce her own collection carrying Ritva Falla label, the target group being women who appreciate quality and comfort. The first Ritva Falla Collection was launched successfully in 2009. Today the collection is designed by Mika Piirainen, a Helsinki-based fashion designer whose roots are in Central Finland. He has graduated from Lahti Institute of Design, and has a lot of experience with designing clothes and accessories for Marimekko for a long time. Mika received the Finnish fashion design award The Golden Garment in 2010. His first Ritva Falla collection was designed for Spring 2020. Mika's creativity and design aesthetic are best seen in graphic and minimalistic styles. He draws inspiration for his prints from the diverse nature of Finland and from his travels around the world. Mika's strengths include pragmatism and listening to the customer - the product is successful when the customer is satisfied with it. Fabrics are sourced and produced from EU countries.

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