PaaPii Design from Finland

PaaPii is a genuinely responsible Finnish design company. We only use GOTS- and Ökotex -certified organic cotton and all PaaPii clothes are produced in our own factory in Finland.

For PaaPii sustainability means a never ending development and learning process, responsible production through taking care of the environment and the people behind the products. PaaPii is constantly working on sourcing the best, cleanest and most ethical materials for the products. We favour natural clean materials, avoiding excessive use of plastic. All PaaPii’s jersey and sweatshirt knits are made out of GOTS- and Ökotex -certified organic cotton, knitted and printed in Lithuania. PaaPii’s mulesing free merino wool is knitted in Kalajoki, Finland.

The Strong value basis functions as a guideline for PaaPii’s decision making. For our Lifestyle collection we use the same criteria and choose our partners as carefully as if the products were made in our own factory. 

Made in Finland

We consider it important, that all our clothes are produced in our own sewing factory in Finland. By being in charge of our own production, we are able to ensure a traceable and transparent clothing production, with high-quality and ethical standards in our practices. At the moment PaaPii’s own sewing factory has the capacity to produce 1300 pieces of clothing per week.

The factory is located in Kokkola, in Western Finland, an area that has a long history of textile industry. At PaaPii we think it is important to take care and preserve the local knowledge of how to manufacture clothing. Today PaaPii employs over 10 skilled makers. The Finnish environment and mentality is also an endless source of inspiration visible in prints, quirky themes and natural materials. The physical working environment gives a natural pace and a timeless Scandinavian design aesthetic to our collections.


We agree, that everything does not need to be so serious. Positivity and the joy of creating are generating new and original ideas, evident in both our design and production. PaaPii thinks that clothing should be fun. That is why PaaPii is committed to creating a positive impact on the textile industry, on our customers’ and employees’ everyday life. The fun and original prints are often colorful, sparking the imagination and encouraging a sense of playfulness. We think that kids can dress like kids, and adults are also allowed a fun wardrobe. 
Own Path

We walk our own lively path, where creativity has no boundaries. For PaaPii, high-quality design is not about following seasonal trends - it is a unique, timeless and recognizable design, with strong values. Inspiration is found everywhere. PaaPii is creating its own story and inspiring customers to do the same, by offering the tools to dream and create. 
An active engagement in social media has reached people all over the world. From the factory, PaaPii products are delivered to over 20 countries. In Finland, PaaPii clothes are sold by over 100 retailers. On social media, friends of PaaPii are sharing their ideas, helping and inspiring each other, forming one big community. Ideas spark out of the sheer joy of creating.

PaaPii Values

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