Focus on Sustainability & Responsible Production

At KIITOSlife we're focusing on selling high-quality products from Scandinavia and Europe. Made by hand, or responsibly produced in countries with good labor practices. Here's a spotlight on a few of our new brands and what they stand for: 

Lapuan Kankurit

  • Zero Waste company: no material loss.
  • Use of Linen: Ecological choice, no irrigation needed, uses rainwater to grow.
  • Production and weaving done in Finland or Baltic countries. Their own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland, is their heart. Their great professionals make it happen every day; they guarantee that you get the best possible product.


  • Everything is produced in Portugal which is considered very low risk in the textile industry. No child labor, ethical and safe environment for employees. Training, 4 weeks of vacation and professional educational programs for employees.
  • Only organic materials and or recycled materials used. Materials sourced locally.
  • All cutting planned automatically, minimum textile waste. All the waste is recycled. 

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