Aveva WOW Stool Lemonade

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Designer: Aud Julie Befring

Material: 100% wool and beech wood, packed in a flatpack.

Description: The “cool with wool” stool is inspired by the lambs on the fields, who made this colorful stool come alive. Sit down and relax! 

Dimensions: 12.6" x 18.9" x 12.6".

About Aveva:  With passion for colors we love to create colorful functional objects. Focusing on sustainable ideas and materials, we let form, function and color interact for lasting products. Modern and playful. Aveva originally refers to the designer & founder behind the company; eva. All design starts with a person, and aveva simply means design by eva in swedish. Today aveva refers to a swedish design company, also collaborating with other designers.

Aveva has retaken the handfelted wool into the living area, keeping an old tradition alive while creating new objects. The fact that wool is durable, insulating and resistant gives us endless possibilities to use wool in our products. 

Aveva WOW Stool Lemonade
Aveva WOW Stool Lemonade