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Lorna Murray Ladies Sumatra Vienna Hat

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Please note, size S has a slightly lighter shade of trim in this style.

Material: 100% Natural Organic Grass Fibers.

Description: The Vienna is our Capri hat design with a shorter brim (9.5cm/ 3.7") and a tie featured at the base of the crown. It is carefully handcrafted from 100% Natural Organic Grass Fibers.

The Vienna is specifically designed to collapse and fold like origami, due to the sunray pleats, for ease of travel. Optional ties are provided at the base of each hat to be used for anchoring during breezes.

Sumatra features creamy-apricot colored thread woven in an alternating geometric pattern, through its natural grass fiber base, with pale apricot-colored trimming.

The Vienna is the perfect essential hat for those wanting an everyday sun-safe yet stylish addition to their attire, as a luxe fashion statement.

About: Lorna Murray Apparel is an ethical and sustainable Australian brand, where effortless glamour meets coastal bohemian. All apparel is handcrafted ethically by artisans in Lorna's studio in Indonesia and is sustainably made with 100% natural fibers, with minimal environmental impact. Lorna Murray Apparel is inspired by rich craft-based histories, eclectic urban environments and natural landscapes. The Lorna Murray muse is a global traveler, a wanderer, a sun-seeker, a go-getter. They are curious, open-minded individuals with a vivid imagination.

How to measure: Measure the circumference of your head, placing the tape measure around the fullest part of your head where the hat will sit. If your head is in-between sizes, you can go up a size for a looser fit or size down for a snug fit.

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Lorna Murray Ladies Sumatra Vienna Hat
Lorna Murray Ladies Sumatra Vienna Hat
Lorna Murray Ladies Sumatra Vienna Hat

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